Hair is a keratinous filament that grows from the epidermis and is primarily made of Keratin. Most of the hair is exposed to the elements at the skin's surface and the rest is anchored in the hair follicle. The exposed hair can withers and suffer damage upon exposure to the elements (i.e heat, chemical damage, pollution, physical damage, etc) Beneath the surface of the skin, within the hair follicle, the hair bulb is located. It is here PURE penetrates to nourish for maximal growth and noticeable health

The hair bulb contains metabolically active cells that make the hair shaft. (see Fig. 1a and 1b) Hair growth occurs in three stages: anagen (growth) phase, the catagen (non-growth that is a transition phase between the anagen and telogen phases) phase, and the telogen (rest) phase that lasts several weeks to several months. (see Fig. 2) 

PURE ingredients target ALL phases prolonging and increasing the number of hair follicles in the anagan phase and reducing the number of hair follicles in the catagen and telogen phases.  

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hair anatomy and growth

Fig. 1a Anatomy of hair follicle

Note blood vessels and nerve fibers present at the base of the hair follicle within the hair papilla and hair bulb, where hair the first step of hair growth occurs. PURE ingredients stimulate hair growth starting at the hair bulb. 

Fig. 1b: Close up view of hair bulb. Note blood vessels delivering nutrients and nerve fibers stimulating growth.  


Fig. 2: The anagen phase can last for 2-6 years, the catagen (non growth) phase that lasts only a few weeks, and the telogen (rest) phase that can last several weeks to several months.

How PURE works

PURE specializes in reversing hair loss and thinning, and repairing hair damaged by medications, heat, chemicals, etc., OR for peoples who want longer, thicker, shinier, healthier hair. PURE is a SALON quality Innovative Hair Care System for All hair types and for stopping hair loss, that can only be purchased on-line and in Salons.

PURE is unequaled in it's ability to immediately stop breakage, stimulate significant hair growth, moisturize, protect against heat damage, increase thickness and tensile strength, and improve overall hair health with the first use! Most major hair care brands and products focus on one or two aspects of hair growth using only one or two active ingredients.  PURE focuses on every stage of hair growth and uses more than 20 active ingredients! The ingredients are extracted from fruits, trees, and plants from around the world: South America, North America, Asia, Africa, and Europe, producing the finest quality products and clinically proven results. PURE combines these ingredients into 13 patent pending formulas, for ALL hair types, to stimulate hair growth and improve hair health in every stage of growth in THREE ingredient categories: 

1) Actives

2)  Oils

3) Natural Waters

This means Fast hair growth for of All hair types!

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My Story

It has been said that "A woman's crown is her glory."  I certainly think that is true. But my crown was NOT my glory.  

Hi, I am Kitty Hart, MD, a physician of nearly twenty years and a mother of three beautiful girls. Like most women, I want to feel and look beautiful in my own unique way and the length and quality of my hair played an important role.

Having semi-textured to textured hair, I struggled for years to find a product that worked for my hair. A product that conditioned, strengthened and grew my hair. Unsuccessful in my quest, I decided to make my own. 

For years I thought my hair was thin, fragile, dry, brittle, easily breakable, and wouldn't grow. After creating TRUE YOU!, I realized my hair was not the problem. The products I had been using were the problem.

 Shampoos with harsh chemicals dried and tangled my hair. Conditioners that were anything but conditioners, also dried my hair and caused significant hair loss. For years I thought my hair loss was "normal shedding". It wasn't. 

After creating PURE, I discovered my TRUE HAIR. I no  longer had dry, thin, brittle, and weak hair. My hair is now thick, resilient, strong, and has gone from growing  less than a 1/4 (0.25 inch) inch per month to growing nearly 1 inch (0.8758 inch) per month. 

That's me and my "crown" in the un-retouched photo! 

Creating PURE

I conducted extensive research on the physiology of hair growth and causes of hair loss and how these causes interfere with hair growth. I tested natural ingredients from all over the world and created numerous formulas. I solicited the feedback of industry professionals including  salon owners and their clients, as well as the feedback of family and friends.  I finally created the perfect formulas for ALL hair types and TRUE YOU was born! 

PURE is an all natural hair care system that targets the physiology of hair growth and blocks the causes of hair loss. PURE stimulates hair growth at every stage at the physiologic level and prevents hair loss.